Baking & Puff Pastry

Baking & Puff Pastry
Start Date

Aug 08


4 classes

7pm - 10pm


$60 per class

Baking & Puff Pastry

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Who does not enjoy eating delicious freshly baked bread or the perfect croissant? In this short course we combine the best of the bakery with the art of laminated dough. Our chef will teach you to make focaccia, pan de bono, ham bread and delicious rye rolls from scratch. And you can not miss the delights of the viennoiserie such as the croissant, cinnamon rolls, brioche and the classic puff pastry with fillings and sweet. You can not lose this!.

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These are some of the recipes you will learn.

Class 1 - July 5:

- Focaccia

- Pesto and parmesan bread

- Venezuelan Ham Bread

- Grissines

Class 2 - August 8:

- Croissant

- Cinnamon Rolls

- Stuffed Brioche

Class 3 - July 19:

- Pan de Bono

- Banana Bread

- Rye Roll

- Multi grain bread

Class 4 - July 26:

- Baguette

- Puff pastry diamonds

- Elephant Ears

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