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Healthy Cuisine Classes

Healthy Cuisine Classes
Start Date

Mar 29


4 classes

7pm - 10pm: 03/29 - 04/05 - 04/12 - 04/26


$240 or $60 per class

Healthy Cuisine Classes
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Do you want to learn how to prepare a super delicious meal without the calories, fat, sugar & chemicals that affect your health? We want to expand your culinary career by improving your dietary habits. You will learn how to turn an unhealthy meal into a very tasty, and nutritional dish. You will only use natural ingredients, and study its nutritional effects. Join us, and get ready to have fun in the kitchen!


March 29 - Module 1: "More life in your kitchen"
Recipes for the preparation of different healing juices / shakes, loaded with different benefits and properties that heal, revitalize, rejuvenate and restore health to your life.

April 5 - Module 2: Protections, Vegetables, Garnishes, Sauces
Various recipes to teach you how to change a "unhealthy" food to a totally "healthy" without sacrificing your palate.

April 12 - Module 3: "Breakfasts and Vegetable Milks"
Varied breakfast options and also, vegetable milks that will make your start to the day enriching.

April 26 - Module 4: "Healthy Dessert"
We will discover the best options to stop depriving you of something sweet, without the use of refined sugars.

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