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>Healthy Cuisine Classes

Start Date Mar 29

Healthy Cuisine Classes

Do you want to learn how to prepare a super delicious meal without the calories, fat, sugar & chemicals that affect your health? We want to expand your culinary career by improving your dietary habits. You will learn how to turn an unhealthy meal into a very tasty, and nutritional dish. You will only use natural ingredients, and study its nutritional effects. Join us, and get ready to have fun in the kitchen!

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>Artisan breads

Start Date Apr 23

Artisan breads

With this course of 2 classes you will learn the techniques to make those traditional preparations that we all enjoy, from the ingredients and their differences, to the techniques of fermentation and kneading to obtain soft, fluffy and tasty breads. In the first class we will be making a classic focaccia, Parmesan bread and the classic Venezuelan ham bread. In the second class you will be learning how to make cottage dill rolls, Pan de bono and brioche bread.

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>Juliana Alvarez in Miami

Start Date Apr 25

Juliana Alvarez in Miami

Juliana Álvarez is a Culinary and Pastry chef. Se has been teaching at the Mariano Moreno Gastronomy School in Colombia for 7 years. She currently has her own class workshop in Medellín and has attended multiple culinary congresses and pastry courses abroad, such as pastry master with paco Torreblanca in Elda Spain and another course of sweet tapas and pintxos in the Basque Culinary center the best cooking school in Spain. She is one of the pastry chefs of Teleantioquia's "La sartén por el mango" program. In 2017 and again in 2018, she was the winner of the first position as the best pastry chef in the region of Antioquia, highlighted by her excellent work as a teacher and pastry chef.

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>Healthy salads and vinaigrettes

Start Date Apr 25

Healthy salads and vinaigrettes

Do you want to be healthier and enjoy your meals? Do you wonder why when you eat out the salads are delicious but when you make them at home they do not work? There are thousands of healthy salads but making balanced, tasty, colorful and nutritional combinations is a challenge. In this class we will talk about the benefits of combining different ingredients, exploring new sources of protein and making dressings that are delicious and healthy.

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>Pizza & Empanadas

Start Date May 02

Pizza & Empanadas

Discover the secrets to prepare a perfect pizza, make a homemade sauce and add your favorite toppings. You can not miss some crispy empanadas of meat, chicken and gourmet Gruyere cheese and plums. If you enjoy eating pizzas and empanadas, you can not miss this class where our chef will teach you how to prepare them in a simple and delicious way.

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>The Art of Sushi

Start Date May 07

The Art of Sushi

In this class you will learn the basic techniques to prepare sushi rolls and the different ingredients that you can use to satisfy your creativity. If you like to eat sushi, you would love to learn how to make it!

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>Kids Summer Camp

Start Date Jun 10

Kids Summer Camp

This summer camp cooking and pastry program is aimed for children between 5 and 12 years old, they will learn basic culinary techniques through practical classes. The children will make various recipes applying cooking and pastry techniques, developing their motor skills and knife techniques, and expanding their knowledge of ingredients, nutrition and health and safety in the kitchen. The small chefs will work in groups with our professional teachers developing international recipes to master the fundamental culinary skills.

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