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>Meringue Desserts

Start Date Oct 22

Meringue Desserts

These tasty and crispy sweet egg white foam has a reputation for difficulty.. But in just 3 hours our chef will show you a few simple instructions that just won’t fail. You’ll be making mouthwatering meringues and delicious desserts like the famous pavlova or meringues shells and learn the difference between italian, french and swiss meringue. You’ll master a technique that can be use in any dessert and amaze everybody with your baking.

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>Finger food for get together (Salty)

Start Date Oct 24

Finger food for get together (Salty)

Do not know what to serve your friends and family when they visit you? You can not miss these classes where you will learn delicious salty and sweet mouths ideal for any meeting, or in those days that arrive without warning. In the first class you will learn how to prepare 5 delicious salty appetizers.

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>Modern Petit Fours

Start Date Oct 29

Modern Petit Fours

Do you wonder what are petit fours or how are those delicious sweet bites that you see in the bakeries and buffets? In this course of two classes we will be learning the modern techniques that have been developed in the world of petit fours. We will begin with an introduction to the different varieties that exist and the methods of preparation. Both classes will be hands-on where we will develop different recipes while making the production of various petit fours, fillings, icings and meringues. Our pastry chef will teach you modern assembly techniques and decorations that will release your creativity and allow you to make a table of petit fours like a professional.

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>Healthy salads and vinaigrettes

Start Date Oct 31

Healthy salads and vinaigrettes

Do you want to be healthier and enjoy your meals? Do you wonder why when you eat out the salads are delicious but when you make them at home they do not work? There are thousands of healthy salads but making balanced, tasty, colorful and nutritional combinations is a challenge. In this class we will talk about the benefits of combining different ingredients, exploring new sources of protein and making dressings that are delicious and healthy.

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>Taste of the Ocean: octopus and seafood

Start Date Nov 07

Taste of the Ocean: octopus and seafood

Come and immerse yourself with us in this class full of flavors and colors where you will learn to prepare delicious mussels, prawns, squid in delicate sauces and perfect garnishes. Our chef will give you the tips to cook an octopus to perfection and make all your favorite recipes with the flavors of the sea. If you enjoy sea food, but do not dare to prepare it, in this class you will learn all the secrets!

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>Mixology Class

Start Date Nov 07

Mixology Class

Interactive, easy and fun mixology class experience ! Learn to prepare your favorite cocktail recipes at home with simple and easy bartending techniques and enjoy paired gourmet appetizers from our chefs

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>Delicious Alfajores

Start Date Nov 12

Delicious Alfajores

Do you enjoy eating alfajores and would you like to learn how to prepare them? These delicious combinations are ideal to enjoy with your family or as desserts in special events. In a single class you will learn how to make three classics alfajores that are everyone's favorite: chocolate alfajor filled with dulce de leche, the traditional cornstarch alfajor and finally a walnut alfajor with fruit jam that will surprise you!

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>Pizza & Empanadas

Start Date Nov 14

Pizza & Empanadas

Discover the secrets to prepare a perfect pizza, make a homemade sauce and add your favorite toppings. You can not miss some crispy empanadas of meat, chicken and gourmet Gruyere cheese and plums. If you enjoy eating pizzas and empanadas, you can not miss this class where our chef will teach you how to prepare them in a simple and delicious way.

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>Exquisite Macarons

Start Date Nov 19

Exquisite Macarons

Surprise your family and friends with fresh and delicate macarons fresh from your kitchen! These French delicacies are known to be difficult to make, but after our professional pastry chef teaches you how to make the perfect meringue, the secrets to get the '' foot '' and add flavors and colors, you can create exquisite macarons and give rein let your creativity go.

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