Kids Summer Camp Week IX

Kids Summer Camp Week IX
Start Date

Aug 05


5 classes per week

9am - 1pm


$50 day or $220 week

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This summer camp cooking and pastry program is aimed for children between 5 and 12 years old, they will learn basic culinary techniques through practical classes. The children will make various recipes applying cooking and pastry techniques, developing their motor skills and knife techniques, and expanding their knowledge of ingredients, nutrition and health and safety in the kitchen. The small chefs will work in groups with our professional teachers developing international recipes to master the fundamental culinary skills.



Class I: Pot Pie Fest

  Chicken and vegetables Pot pie

  Meat and vegetables Pot pie

  Milky Way Cake

Class 2: Lasagna & Smores

  Lasagna dough

  Bechamel sauce

  Bolognese sauce

  Mini individual lasagnas

  Smores banana boat

Class 3: Pizza Cupcakes

  Salty cupcakes

  Pizza cupcakes

  Cookie Contest

Class 4: Sliders

  Vegetarian burgers

  Wedge Potatoes

  Chocolate Chip Cookies

Class 5: Cheese Fest

  Mac & Cheese

  Chicken breaded in parmesan

  Mozzarella sticks

  Nutella Tiramisu

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